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Tips on transporting vehicles
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How Long Does It Take?

Transit time depends on where your vehicle is shipping from and to. For instance, transit time from Chicago to Los Angeles is 5 to 10 days, where as Los Angeles to New York City can take 7 to 14 days. Every load is different.

How Much Advance Notice Do  You Need?

Shipping Cars.net usually books vehicles about 2 weeks in advance of pick-up dates. 
However, if you have other needs, please call us.

What Is The Cost Of Transportation?

The price varies with the mode of transportation, where the vehicle(s) are picked up and delivered to, and the size of the vehicle.

We have found it is best to provide you with a free custom quotation for your vehicle. Click here to request your free custom quote.

When Can You Pick Up My Vehicle?

A carrier will be assigned to pick-up your vehicle as soon as we have received your order and deposit.

Is There A Place I Can Leave My Vehicle Temporarily?

Yes, providing we have a terminal in your area. There is an additional fee for this service.

How Do I Prepare My Vehicle?

First, your vehicle must be in good working order, we also advise anti- freeze in your radiator. Second, don't over-fill your gas tank, a quarter to a half tank is more than enough. Take off any loose parts. Shells or bed liners that are not bolted down may blow off. Phone, Radio or TV antennas that do not retract within 3 inches of the body must be removed, or they may be damaged.

Do You Need The Keys For The Doors, Trunk, And Ignition?

Yes, we drive the vehicles on and off the transport. Occasionally state law enforcement will inspect the vehicles we are carrying.

May I Pack Personal Items In My Vehicle?

We recommend that you do not pack persona items in your vehicle. Your car is insured during transport, but any contents are not. Anything you leave in your car is done at your
own risk. Please do not overload your car because this makes it difficult to safely load it onto our transport trucks.

How Do I Check On The Status Of My Order?

Call a dispatcher at 904-374-3421, we will track your order and give you an update as soon as possible.

Is My Car Insured While In Transport?

Yes, your car is insured during transit. We have cargo insurance to fully cover your vehicle in case anything should happen. The contract or bill of lading will explain this in detail.

What Is Drive Away Service?

Drive away companies provide a person to drive your car from one location to another. You are responsible for any mechanical problems your car encounters during the drive (from flat tires to blown up engines). If you hire a drive away service, your car should be in EXCELLENT running condition. 

Do I Have To Be Present When You Pick-up Or Deliver My Vehicle?

Yes, you or your agent must be present.

How Do I Pay?

VISA, MasterCard, personal checks, money orders, or company checks will be accepted for deposit or full pre-payment. As for balance due on delivery, we accept cash or cashiers checks only. If you need some other mode of payment, call us, we will try to help anyway we can.